Alibaba Training Manuals

To learn about our training, you may also check out the training videos or download the training materials below.


Alibaba Account Set-up and Maintain

1. Guide of

2. Guide of My Alibaba platform

3. How to set-up information and maintain the account

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High Quality Product Posting for Improved Product Search Ranking

1. Why high quality product information is important for online business?

2. How to post a high quality product?

3. How to get higher ranking for your products?

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Alibaba Buyer Analysis & Tips to Respond Inquiry

1. Buyer data analysis

2. Classify different groups of inquiries.

3. Sample of quotations

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Selling Opportunities with Buying Request

1. Introduction of Buying Request (RFQ)

2. How to check and reply them, sample of quotations.

3. General rules of RFQ, and Quotation Express

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Tips on Account Security

1. How to distinguish phishing emails from Alibaba emails

2. What is next when you receive phishing emails

3. How to submit complaint on

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Data Analysis in Biz Trends

1. What is Biz Trend

2. How to Use Advisor Tool

3. Data in My Performance

4. Where to Check Industrial Advisor

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