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In 2007, the partners Mr. Firas, Liang, Florian & Turath decided to share their know-how & make & unbreak the old monopoly of Home Control Automation System by producing a cutting edge technology & providing affordable prices canning the vision of Jimmy Chin the Creator of Digitcom Communication & Control in USA. The 4 parties has decided to make a new totally open standard using the available open commands like RS485, UDP, LWIP, DMX & to produce simple organize commands that will be considered a base for standardizing Automation Open Protocols in order people follow such table of commands & be able to communicate with each other very simple manner similar to ComBus, ModBus, KNX & others.

This website includes protocols, Delphi source codes, IOS source codes, Android source codes, C++ source codes, .NET & # source codes, Linux source codes etc..

This Smart University website also include works donation from Automation brands worldwide regardless of brand in whichever way help installers, energy saving environment, researchers & developers, students, etc..

This website includes diagrams, template examples, integration method, 3rd party connectivity, simulator & more.